“Kelly is a natural teacher.  Her patience, understanding, wealth of knowledge and experience is exceptional.   I have just finished my Okuden and Animal Reiki training and feel truly blessed to have been able to study with Kelly.  Just to be in her presence is a testament to what being Reiki is all about.  She is Reiki and I hope with her guidance and continued mentoring (yes, she is stuck with me now!) I can learn to help the animals with compassion, humility and proper intention which are the aim of our practice.”

-Judy H., Middlebury, VT


CleoMy 13 yr old cat Cleo was diagnosed with a mass in her colon over 2 years ago. After having used several Reiki practitioners who didn’t seem like a good fit, I was referred to Kelly. Since she started supporting Cleo with distance Reiki sessions, I have seen much improvement. I actually thought the mass was gone, although on diagnostics it still shows up, but you wouldn’t know it the way Cleo acts, eats, and continues with such quality of life. When I have an occasional crisis and need a few booster sessions back to back, Kelly is always responsive to fit them into her schedule. Cleo and I are thankful for the difference Kelly has made in our lives.”

-Teresa & Cleo, CT




Winchester“I was connected to Kelly over a year ago. I have an almost 5 year old lab mix who has some trauma in his history, and a lot of unknowns, as he is a rescue.  He was exhibiting a lot of symptoms of anxiety and unhealthy attachment.  Kelly drove to our house for the initial session, and then completed the remaining sessions from a distance. I instantly noticed a difference. He was more relaxed and settled.

I was amazed at how well Kelly connected with him. Since that time, Kelly has been incredibly helpful- when he needs a refresher session, she is always so quick in returning my emails, and always sends a follow up on how the session went. We feel very lucky to have her, as it has been incredibly helpful.  Thank you Kelly!”

-Lyndsay & Winchester, NH

“the Reiki III practices and training were everything i could have hoped for. the simplicity of the traditional Usui teachings, with their emphasis on the oneness and sacredness of all life, resonated deeply. you, yourself–extraordinarily gracious and uplifting and wise–*are *Reiki. absent was even a hint of judgment and ego, and of course i loved your respect for the horses and alpacas who were, during our time with them, our blessed teachers. bless *you, *teacher.*”

maggie davis
Reiki Teacher/Practitioner
Stonington, ME

“What an honor to be in the presence of a Reiki Master. Such a gentle spirit that loves unconditionally. I will never forget this weekend Kelly, for the joy I left with can fill all the space around me.”

Rutland, VT

“The training I received from Kelly went far beyond my expectations.  I wanted to learn traditional Japanese Reiki because I felt my training in Western-style Reiki was missing something. Specifically, I was looking for better techniques to empower hands-on healing.  These I found.  More importantly, I came to discover that Reiki begins with self-healing. The practice of Reiki developed by Usui Sensei is transforming my life, helping me become more the person I want to be.  And it has helped me become a much better practitioner of Reiki for both people and animals. Thanks again, Kelly.”

Diane Anderson,
Woodstock Reiki Works,
Woodstock, NY