Lead With The Hara

I love twilight! No, not the movie…that time of day when the sun meets the moon and everything is bathed in muted colors. It often feels to be a very mystical time of day and so is my favorite time for walking on the mountain. Secretive wildlife is often found at this time of day and I am always on the lookout. I have had the good fortune to see a den of fox kits, pileated woodpeckers, owls, grouse, baby porcupines and of course, deer. Currently, we have three deer roaming the mountain. I’m thrilled to see they made it through hunting season and they look nice and healthy for the upcoming winter.

One thing I like to practice as I walk is what I call, “Leading with the Hara”. As I begin my walk I set my intention to be open to everything. I begin Joshin Kokyu Ho breathing, imagining Reiki flowing from my hara, expanding into the environment around me. Many times on my walks I feel that I am not alone and that many little eyes are watching my every step. Leading with the hara keeps me mindful of the life around me. It also sends the message, “I come in peace.”

Deer are skittish creatures, and as such, often scare me as often as I do them. This happened the other day as I strolled up the lane on my evening walk. I heard them before I saw them, crashing through the woods, big white tails flashing me as they ran off. I saw two of them. I immediately stopped to focus on them, offering Reiki to make amends for startling them. As I stood there quietly expanding the energy I heard a noise to my left. I turned very slowly and saw the third deer walking toward me. She stopped and looked at me for a few seconds, then turned and ran off into the woods! I believe she was curious about the Reiki. It was the most thrilling experience!

We never know what we are going to encounter in our daily activities. Why not lead with the hara in the woods or at the grocery store?